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Lenten Devotional for Mar. 2 written by Ginger Bopp

But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.  Jeremiah 29:7


As we worship in community together, we may feel that our group is small.  But God has given us a larger directive that opens outward.  Our city, county, state, nation, world are all places of exile because our true home is heaven.  Yet God doesn't call us to a spiritual retreat in this text; God calls us to seek the welfare of our city!  We are to use our hands, feet and prayers to attend to the welfare of our local community.  Respect that call by helping each other, beyond the church walls.  Charities are one obvious place to care for the common good, but remember to make it a daily practice--awareness of others, donations to FISH, smiles and kind words are more than superficial.  Actions have consequences, so let your actions say you see our city, our mission, in the faces of others. 


Ginger Bopp

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