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Lenten Devotion for Mar. 4 written by Lindsey Henriksen Rodgers

“For waters will burst forth in the wilderness,And streams in the desert.

The scorched land will become a poolAnd the thirsty ground springs of water...” Isaiah 35:6-7

In my opinion, one of the best parts of these verses is the unexpected nature of the water's appearance. They aren't carefully dug - they "burst forth" with no warning! Sometimes, in our journey through a wilderness, we think we need to complete a checklist of penitence in order for our refreshment to happen. But if we keep our eyes open, we will see the moments of

oasis that are "bursting forth" all around us. My moment this week was listening to Aretha Franklin's 1972 recording of Amazing Grace. It rehydrated my soul. Here's a link, if you want to listen too:


God - even when we are journeying through a wilderness, give us the courage to keep our eyes open to see the abundant splashes of grace "bursting forth" all around us. 


Lindsey Henriksen Rodgers

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