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Lenten Devotion for February 26 written by Bishop Laurie Larson Caesar

Lent has always meant for me, a "lengthening" as in the word's roots in Middle English. It is to me an invitation into a lengthening not just as in the lengthening of sunlight in springtime, but God's Holy Spirit working in me to lengthen my kindness, to lengthen my courage, to lengthen my time for silence, prayer and self-awareness, to lengthen my trust and faith in my Creator.

May you find spaciousness for God's Spirit to work lengthening in your soul and your joy this Lent!

Peace in Christ,

Bishop Laurie Larson Caesar


Let us pray. Gracious God, may your Holy Spirit be always alive and active in every one of us during this Lenten season and at all times. Amen.

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