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Lenten Daily Devotion for Feb. 16 written by Deacon Clare Josef-Maier

“Do not permit the ways of this world to mold and shape you. Instead, let Creator change you from the inside out, in the way a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. He will do this by giving you a new way of thinking, seeing, and walking. Then you will know for sure what the Great Spirit wants for you, things that are good, that make the heart glad, and that help you walk the path of becoming a mature and true human being.” (Romans 12:2, FNV)

It is always great consolation to me that the Way of Jesus is a “wayless” way – it is about how we allow ourselves to be transformed along the journey, and the way the Spirit’s work in and through us transforms the world. Simply walking the path of becoming a mature and true human being helps me on days that my intended “destination” doesn’t feel clear.

Let us pray. Indwelling God, we invite you to ever change us from the inside out, that we might know more deeply the good things you desire for us and this world you so love; we ask this with trust and hope in the One who shows us the way. Amen.

Deacon Clare Josef-Maier

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